Last Saturday, I texted my girlfriend this picture over WhatsApp:


Me: How are you dealing with your brood today?
Me: I’m in the tent. Two crying children outside. I’m hiding.

Her reply was swift.

Her: Hahahaha.
Her: Enjoy camping.
Her: I so know the feeling. I’m hiding in my room now.


Her: Staring at my walls lol.
Me: Hahaha
Me: Nice wall
Me: Does the print soothe you?
Me: Or is it like The Yellow Wallpaper
Her: Count circles instead of sheep
Me: What a morning

So there you go. I’m sure we are not alone – most of us would have periods when we need to hide from the tiny tyrants in our lives. Just to get that moment of peace, to regain our sanity (and possibly temper).

In my case, Aidan was riding his little fire engine in the room and he ran over Zac’s toes. Zac started bawling and husband promptly gave Aidan a good scolding, who then started wailing too. All that happened before 9am. On a Saturday. Mmmmkay. I crept stealthily into the tepee and stayed quiet for a while before I was busted by the three-year-old.

If you have a regular hiding spot, tell me where! (Promise I won’t let your kids know.)

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