So. I never watched Star Wars before I met husband.

Look, the first film was released before I was born so I sort of skipped the hysteria surrounding it as I was growing up. I was totally a Disney kid (and apparently, a The Fly kid too). I could tell you more about The Beast than, say, Chewbacca.

Then I met the man and he was all YAK YAK STAR WARS LOVE YAK YAK YAK. Being a dutiful girlfriend, I decided to gift him a boxed VCD set of all three episodes. Yes, you read right, VCD. That’s how prehistoric the two of us are. Of course he insisted on watching all three episodes in one go on a sunny afternoon and that was how I was inducted into the Star Wars hall of fame.

Fast forward 16 years and my three-year-old is sitting in front of the telly at 9am on a Saturday morning. I stumbled out of bed blearily, having been woken up by Zac at 530am and then going back to bed at 7am. There he was, merrily watching as AT-ATs were zapping people to death. Hmm. It’s no wonder, then, that he knows everyone from Chewie to R2D2 to Boba Fett by now, thanks to his father.

When it was announced that Changi Airport was going to bring in Star Wars exhibits, husband was thrilled. The weeks before the exhibits were officially opened, he was already scoping out the grounds. It helps that we live in the east and the airport is one of our favourite weekend destinations.

The past weekend, we jostled our way down to the airport with the rest of the population to catch a glimpse of the TIE (Terminal 2) and X-Wing (Terminal 3) fighters. Woah, THE CROWD. The little man was super excited at seeing BB8 and R2D2 up close and personal. And he was so cute – he was really happy to just stand there and look at them. While the other kids were all happily posing for photos with R2D2, he was contented with simply staring at it. He didn’t even want a picture. Ah, clearly my child.

(When I was a kid, the Care Bears “visited” The Cathay cinemas, which was where my mum worked. There was a huge crowd but somehow we managed to get close to one of them. My mum yelled at me to take a photo with it but I didn’t want to. I was too shy to go near it. That memory remains in my mind after all these years, and I think it is clearer than any photo.)

Anyway, in one of our harebrained, crazed ideas, we decided that it would be really cool to queue for a photo in the X-Wing fighter. Since the next photo taking session was at 7pm, we thought we were real smart to go for an early dinner before coming back for it.


By the time we got back to the exhibit at 645, the queue was hideously long. Somehow, it did not occur to us to come back another day. We joined the queue, got the ticket (you MUST have a ticket in order to get the printed photo) and it took us 1.5 hours before we were done. By then, Zac was sleepy and cranky. Mmm.

Star Wars Changi Airport

Lesson learnt: queue early, be the first few in the line and then go off for your meal after you are done with the photo taking.

Anyhow. If you are a big Star Wars fan, do check it out. It is pretty cool!

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