It’s been more than a month since we started using GES Plus and what’s the verdict?

Well. It’s pretty cool! The good news is, my loos don’t smell funky no more. Back in the day, I would be brushing my teeth and then this whiff of Epic Disgustingness would reach my nose. Gag. I really thought it was just normal, that it’s sewage going on its way to the Great Sea of Grossness.

Turns out, my pipes were probably harbouring organic waste, which was emitting those foul smells. GES Plus very awesomely eliminates the waste by releasing nice bacteria that eats at the waste – in an environmentally-friendly manner – and hence gets rid of the stench for me.

Once I realised just how important GES Plus is, I started hoarding it. I have been pouring half a capful once every 4 weeks and it’s still working well. No weird smells, which is great because this toilet is heavily used by three members of the family (some more than others, I’ll leave you to guess WHO and WHY).


If you would like to try out the product, we have a promotion code for you! Simply key in “bubsicles” at checkout to save 5% off the retail price of $79.90. Or check out the fantastic Christmas bundles available right now in their online store.

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of GES Plus for the purpose of the review. All opinions are mine – and strictly, honestly mine! – and no monetary compensation was received.

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