I’ll confess: I usually do not buy toys for my littles.

I know, I know, it makes me sound like a nazi mother but the truth is, I know that they will receive heaps of toys during festive seasons and their birthdays. And the last thing I want is for the house to turn into a toy factory. That’s why I choose not to buy toys for them.

(I’ve already packed away most of the toys that they had received during Christmas!)

But if there is one weakness of mine when it comes to toys, it is this: IMAGINATION. I love toys that help them to be imaginative, allowing them to creatively make up their own worlds and scenarios. And one toy that I bought – and which checks all those items – is the Pixie wooden toy camera from The Twig Co.

Photo taken from The Twig Co.

Photo taken from The Twig Co.

For starters, it’s really very well made and good looking! I am a bit in love with it myself. It is made of solid cherry wood and comes with moveable parts, such as a rotating view finder and pushable buttons. It also comes with a handy neck strap. The one that I had bought for Aidan is gold in colour and it’s such a gorgeous, neutral shade. I can foresee myself placing it on display in the shelves of our home once the boys are done with it (assuming they do not wreck it in the process!!).

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By the Bay

The size and weight of it is perfect for little hands. In fact, I love fiddling around with it myself. It’s also safe for little people, with its non-toxic, latex-free, water-based finish.

He loves playing with it when we go out and will take “photos”, just like mama. He knows how to turn the view finder and press the “shutter” button. He’s so very serious about it, it’s really very cute! I guess I am a little biased myself because I am a hobbyist shutterbug myself and I would love for my kids to share my love of photography.

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By the Bay

When we saw how much fun Aidan has with the camera, it made husband consider getting him an actual digital camera. But I am hesitant…I feel like I want this to be about honing his imagination for now. The technical aspects of composition etc. can always come later. But kids tend to outgrow imaginative play sooner than later so I choose to indulge in this for now.

It’s not cheap and I am glad that I managed to snag it during a sale. But it’s oh so worth the money. I just took a peek at Etsy and found a few alternatives that you might be interested in!


Clockwise from top left
Personalized Wooden Toy Camera from Little Sapling Toys

Wooden camera from BubblyMoon

Hand Made Wooden Toy Camera from BlossomFarmStudio

Wooden camera with colorful hanging strip from kidsandwood

Have fun shooting!

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