Because I spent an insane amount of time Googling, as well as trying all the hot-iron method that random websites suggested, I am going to put it down on record here. Hopefully, if you, like me, have to remove some NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE iron-o labels from clothing, you’d find this post useful. Using an iron steam can also help get the wrinkles out of your clothes, you can find them here.


Being the noob mum that I am, I ironed Elliott’s name labels just under the shirt label on his uniform. What I did not realise is, the labels were causing little scratch marks on his back. URGH. On hindsight, I should have placed the labels outside the shirt. However, I did not want all and sundry to see his name so the best spot?

Under the collar, outside the shirt.

Deciding on the new spot was easy. The difficult part was trying to remove the existing iron-on label. Please take it from me that it was SO DAMN HARD TO REMOVE! The husband tried it with the wet-cloth-over-label, use-hot-iron-and-press method. Despite repeating this move numerous times, the insanely good quality iron-on refused to budge.

After more Googling, I discovered a site that said to use an ‘alcohol-based solution, like nail polish remover‘. The alcohol will be strong enough to melt off the glue holding onto the label and it should be easy to peel off after.

I rummaged the bathroom drawer for a long-forgotten bottle of nail polish remover and went to work. I soaked a few cotton pieces (the type you use to for toner on your face) and pressed them against the label. At first, it did not seem to work. However, after dousing the label with the solution, IT WORKED!

Oh joy, it worked!!

Out of 4 shirts, we destroyed one shirt in the process of trying to remove the label so I’d say that’s a WIN. And now we know, USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER to get rid of those super good quality iron-on stickers. At least I now know for a fact that those labels are going to stay stuck on Elliott’s shirts for a long long time.

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