So last night, three creaky old ladies went out WITHOUT KIDS.

That’s right, sista, that was us – me, Selene and Yi Lin. We were so hip, we were invited by Golden Village to attend the preview of Bad Moms. It was the first time that the three of us met for a girls’ night out since I was 37 weeks pregnant. That was TWO WHOLE YEARS ago. Therefore, you can understand how excited we were.

Plus, it was for a movie aptly named Bad Moms. Back in May, we had all watched the trailer of the movie and we were like, YEAH GURL.

In a nutshell, the movie is about three women who were so stressed out from trying to be the perfect mothers that they snapped. And snapped they did: they went on a rampage against the smug, NO-GLUTEN-NO-SUGAR-NO-SALT-NO-BPA-NO-ADDITIVES-NO-EVERYTHING-BUT-YES-ORGANIC-EVERYTHING judgy mums. They decided to free themselves from the shackles of trying to achieve that perception of perfection and be themselves – me as a person first, then a mother – again.

Mila Kunis was great as a mother who seemingly had everything – a beautiful house, two (sometimes) lovely children, and a career. She spent so much time trying to keep up with that image that she’s overworked, over-stretched and exhausted. Kirsten Bell, as the stay-at-home-mum to four little people, was the meek and passive mum who grew a spine over the course of the movie. And Kathryn Hahn was the escapist mum in denial.

To be honest, this movie is full of cliches, some bad, some pretty hilarious. And really, what can you expect when this is a movie about motherhood that is written by men. Which is why the movie is so rampant with mentions of penises in all manner and forms. Then there is that pre-requisite, sort of lame love story going on as well. So don’t go in there thinking that it’s going to be an intelligent discourse on gender stereotypes and the roles of women in society.

But I will say that it still struck a chord in me in some ways. As a mother who is juggling a career, two little (sometimes ungrateful) children while trying to ensure that my marriage stays fresh, I am, more often than now, exhausted. A mother’s mind is never idle nor still, we are constantly thinking about something, whether it is about ordering groceries or planning for the weekend or wondering if we are doing enough to prepare our children for the rigours of primary school. And in that quest to keep up with the perfect Instagram mother with the perfectly plated meals while looking svelte in perfectly done make-up with beautiful, shiny hair, it can be tiring.

So I get it. I get the frustration that Mila Kunis’s Amy feels. I get that feeling of trying to do everything right but it still ends up wrong anyway.

If you are a mother who is tired, wants a break and in need of some no-brainer laughs, then please, grab a few of your mummy friends and WATCH THIS MOVIE. Because you will get the feels AND the silly jokes AND be all light-hearted after that.

(Also, you will get to ogle some hot eye candy in the movie. Which was damn awesome. I loved it. But don’t tell your husband you heard it from me.)

(Also, be aware that the movie is full of the f%*k bombs. Which we didn’t mind, since we are the sort of mums who tend to go WTF once in a while. But obvs not in front of the kids. Nooooooo sireeeeee.)

(Okay, I might have done it once. Like when I was driving the boys home and some idiot cut abruptly into my lane without signalling and I screamed, “WHAT THE F**K!!!!” And the four-year-old went, “What did you say, mummy?”)


Bad Moms is currently showing at Golden Village cinemas – go!

Disclaimer: We received tickets to the preview, courtesy of Golden Village, but all opinions are my own.

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