I’d be honest here: I am a terrible ambassador for Our Lifestyle Shop. Every time I get a new product from them, I’d take a look at it and get a bit intimidated because it’s always really super duty effective. They end up in my store room for a while before I work up the courage to take them out to “play” Or when something happens.

(Sulin, I don’t know why you stick with me but I love you for being so patient with this errant writer!)

The same fate awaited the Eco Odour Neutraliser. And it took an incident involving feline bodily waste for me to whip it out and try it. (I know, YUCKS.)

“Look, it wasn’t me who pooped on that bed.”

It was during one of my solo parenting stints. I had brought the boys out for brunch and per our usual practice, I shut all the bedroom doors before we left. (We do that to prevent the cats from getting into the rooms, I don’t like having cat hair all over my two new platform beds.)

When we came home, it was past noon, hot as Hades and the littlest was due for a nap. BUT. We were greeted by the faint sound of meowing when we stepped through the gate. Uh oh. Not a good sign.

Turns out, Coco had inadvertently been locked in the boys’ room and in our absence, she decided she had to poop. On their BED. GAH!!!

I quickly jumped into action. Stripped the sheets and mattress protector off the bed and put them in a hot water cycle in the washer. Put on new sheets and then left the windows wide open, with the fan blasting. The room stank. STANK.

The littlest was really needing his nap and I had to put him to bed in my room instead. When I stepped back into the boys’ room an hour later, the room was still disgustingly smelly. I mean, what was I expecting, the poop had been baking in a hot room for a while. What was I to do?

Ah hah. Eco Odour Neutraliser! (What a mouthful. Try saying it five times, fast.)

I took it out of storage and quickly set it up. I didn’t even care what was in the canister, all I knew was that it kills terrible smells. I simply sprayed once, put the timer (7 minutes) on, left the device on the ledge, shut the door, prayed and left.

The Goddess of Felines must have heard my prayers because when I next entered the room again, it was fresh smelling. YAY.

And now that I know that the odour neutraliser can combat the stink of feline poop, I am definitely placing this at the balcony where the cats’ litter box is!

Our Lifestyle Shop is offering all readers a special introductory price of $120 for a twin pack of the Eco Odour Neutraliser dispenser and two canisters of whatever-it-is-that-kills-odours. Simply buy through this link. There are four scents available: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Monte Carlo (citrus and lavender blend) and Tarifa (linen). Just leave a note to let them know which two scents you prefer when you check out!

(Disclaimer: I received the Eco Odour Neutraliser from Our Lifestyle Shop for the purpose of the review but all incidents are REAL LIFE. And the application of the products are REAL LIFE too. I mean, dude, who can make up a story about a cat pooping on a bed…)

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