About bubsicles

Hi! My name is Yann and you can find me musing about my life over at Yannisms.

Less than a year after getting married, my husband and I decided to chuck the contraceptives aside and start trying to make mini-mes. What ensued was not the typical story: we went through a trying period of infertility before our son Aidan was born.

During this time, I relied heavily on words – both of mine and of those who had suffered from infertility. I also started receiving email from women who told me how glad they were to be able to see their infertile journey through my words, even as they remained wordless themselves. It made me realise just how important this shared experience was, not just to me but to those reading.

That’s how bubsicles came about, as a platform for women to share their reflections, challenges and journeys on this parenting road.

(Drop me a note at hello [at] bubsicles [dot] com, I’d love to hear from you.)