We must be horrible parents!

(Edit: Kristine has delivered her baby boy, Dylan. A big grats to her and her family!)

See these two rascals here?

Over the weekend, they both literally went “BYE! Mommy, Daddy go home!“, waved us off and then turned and hightailed out of sight (one to grandma’s and one to doggy resort). Made me feel like chopped liver.

Sometimes I feel like we’re part-time parents. I really salute all you mommies and daddies who do this 24-7 with zero or very little help. By the time I get through the week, I’m exhausted and looking forward to some reprieve in terms of Babydoll heading over to Grandma’s for a stayover so I can catch up a little on sleep (and then I end up bombarding my parents-in-law with a barrage of text messages, asking about her). The “sad” thing is I don’t think she really miss us at all! Whereas, Babydoll will be asking about “Nai nai house?” by the middle of the week!

Are we doing something wrong here?

Grand Plans

My husband decided to take the entire week off, pull Babydoll from school and do lots of lots of fun stuff during the March Term Break.

When he told me his grand plan, I had to do all I could to groan. Such enthusiasm, bless his heart. So I went along with it and got slowly psycho-ed into getting excited.

Funny how grand plans never unfold the way you plan them to (especially with kids!).

We got rained out, naptimes were impossibly delayed, tantrums were thrown, she kept asking for her teacher (this one really made us mad. What?? We’re not good enough for you, babydoll?), she had a tumble while we were staycationing and bawled the whole hotel lobby down…

But through all that, come moments like:

3298765437685435 Peekaboos before naptime



A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to demand with all his might that which he desires. – Pablo Picasso

When I read it, I smiled. This so aptly describes my little puffball.

She’s growing into her own personality so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with her. She sure is a ball of emotions. Her grandmother even bought her a shirt that says “Keep the attitude, I’ve got plenty”. Call it whatever you want, attitude, personality, just being a baby, I’ve discovered that the only way to really appreciate ( I say appreciate because I don’t always enjoy the drama) it is to fully immerse myself in it.

It’s been crazy at work for the both of us, so it’s always nice to come home and just be with the kid(s).

The best times are just before bedtime where she’s so deliriously high and just wants to play with the both of us. Climbing all over the beds, body slamming into us, making us sing her favourite songs over and over again and then all three of us falling into a messy groggy delicious mess of giggles. And then the wrestling with her to get her to sleep, with her protesting a little and then falling to sleep in my arms or snuggled into my chest.

I’d LOVE to say that I’ve been making a conscious effort to put away my distractions (ie PHONE!) to just be in the moment. But honestly, it started out with me being too tired to take pictures or videos of her. Turns out to be the best turn of events ever. Now I try not to use my phone too much. So there’re less photos to keep but so many more precious moments to remember.

It’s kinda like this (I read it off one of my favourite blogs):

we had the most epic weekend. the best kind that we don’t have pictures to show..

These moments are truly the best 🙂

Animal Lover

My husband LOVES animals. Me not so much.

Both of us grew up without pets in the house. What amazes me is that he takes to all sorts of creatures (ok discounting insects/rats/mice/etc) and it’s adorable. Me? I get squimish around hamsters, guinea pigs are ok, I love bunnies and doggies and some cats. But their poop? Not so much. He, on the other hand, loves them wholeheartedly, poop and all.

I am SO happy that Sophie takes after her father in this aspect. She has no concept of fear when it comes to animals and she’s always wanting to go touch them. Rocky doesn’t know his luck yet!

Just the other day at dinner, we met this gorgeous Alaskan Malamute. Such a friendly, intelligent and gentle giant. Sophie went right up to him to pet him and wanted to follow him home! All through dinner she kept wanting to go see the pretty doggie and every time she would go up to him and squat/sit next to him.


I’m not sure if the love for animals is nature/nurture but I do see the benefits of growing up with one.


Work-life balance?

Little boss lady turned 14 months recently, which means she’s had about 6 weeks of school already.

She’s settled in pretty well. The crying stopped slightly after 2 weeks of school (such a stark contrast to me!). Reminds me again how adaptable kids really are. Also made me feel a bit like chopped liver.

The good thing is that, every time I pick her up she’s always gurgling with delight to see me and struggles to reach for me when her teacher brings her to me. Makes me feel especially loved.

All grown up

As for me, I’m still struggling with finding a good balance between work and family. It’s tough, tough but doable.

If my baby can do it, I can do it!


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