The Shirts On Their Backs

Last weekend, I went through the girls’ wardrobes and set aside a huge bag of clothes to be gifted to our helper. The clothes would come in useful when her second granddaughter arrives.

I bought our future child’s first baby outfit in 2009 – more than a year before we conceived Coco in December 2010. I caved into buying a few more unisex pieces between then and the 20-week scan, after which I immediately celebrated by buying our first pink outfit even before I had left the hospital.

2 years on and 2 babies on, having dressed them in a variety of new clothes and a healthy dose of hand-me-downs, I have grown wiser about what makes for a good baby outfit and what doesn’t. There have been so many pieces that Coco had only worn once or twice, and I had set them aside for Claire, only to have Claire hardly wear them too. I thought I’d share some learnings from my experience with baby clothing, so that future parents – or folks who are thinking of buying clothes as gifts for little ones – will know what to look out for when shopping for these tiny outfits.

A sleep-deprived mama’s tools

As much as I think that I am Fabulously Gorgeous, the reality is, I look and feel pretty rundown most of the time. Like this.

Yes, I look like this on a regular basis. And yes, my husband took this photo. And yes, he does not sleep in the living room. I am a kind and gentle wife.

Anyhow. See, some lucky women can survive on very little sleep and still look fresh. Unfortunately, I am NOT one of those women. When I don’t have enough sleep, IT SHOWS. The eye bags are bulging, the eyes are red and the lines are especially deep. My face, the TRAITOR.

But rather than live in the past, I have decided that I need to have as many tools in my arsenal as possible to fight back. That’s right. TAKE THAT, EYEBAGS! AND YOU, CROW’S FEET!

Here are some of the things that keep me alive and looking alive.

1. Sunglasses
Ayyyyyy! These are the most perfect tools every woman should have in her bag. A super stylish pair of sunglasses can cover every single damned flaw, including those Prada eyebags.

Edit: Husband would like to point out that the sunglasses were a gift from him. Oh fine.


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