The great breast pump review (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Ah, breast pumps.

Working mums who breastfeed are familiar with these contraptions. We know them well, rely on them and yet loathe them at the same time (or at least, I do). But undeniably, these horn-shaped, loud and definitely unsexy machinery are absolutely necessary for mums who work and still desire to feed breast milk to their babies.

(You would think that some design genius would have turned it into something that looks a little better than this but NOOOOOO.)


Of course, pumping isn’t all that bad. I mean, just look at the entertainment that pumping can bring:

Anyway, between Yi Lin, Selene and myself, we have used quite a few sets of breast pumps. We all know that a breast pump is usually on the top of the shopping list of expectant women. And yet it can be a scary purchase, simply because of the variety of pumps available at different price points and the sheer cost.

So we have decided to do the work for you by putting together our collective experiences.

Presenting to you…The Great Breast Pump Review.

My Top 5: Three Years of Great Stuff

Coco turns 3 this month. Just the other day, I was looking at all the kiddy paraphernalia around the house and realised that some of the items have been around for a good three years – stuff that we’ve been using on a day-to-day basis.

As all good things deserve to be shared, I’ve documented some of the baby items that have served us well for the past 3 years and will still be in use for some time for Claire – and future offspring (hopefully!), nieces and nephews.

Here’s our next My Top 5 list (also known as the busy mama’s way of knocking out a blog entry in very limited time!)

  1. Skotsam Babycare Mat from IKEA

You’ve just gotta love IKEA for their smart, affordable baby care items. At $9.90 (covers charged separately), this waterproof, inflatable mat transforms any hard surface into a diaper-changing station. The mat is easy to inflate (even with my under-exercised lungs), lightweight and requires little storage space in its deflated form. The curved edges also prevent fidgety babies from rolling away easily during a diaper change. I’ve even seen friends cart the mat along to house gatherings for tired infants to snooze on. Skotsam Babycare Mat $9.90 from IKEA (cover charged separately)

BB or AB: Before Baby or After Baby?

As with all first-time parents, there were a whole list of stuff to prepare before Elliott arrived. I was pretty much the one doing all the “nesting” while the husband looked on with a mix of shock, horror and amusement. “Why does a tiny baby need so many things?”, he asked on more than one occassion. I conveniently ignored him and continued to procure all sorts of stuff, both online (online shopping rocks!) and at the shops. There was always something new and exciting to buy for baby!

Now that the excitement of a new baby has somewhat calmed down, I thought that I’d write an entry on what I found to be useful to get BEFORE baby arrives, versus getting AFTER baby arrives.

Keeping it clean


b-sanitized Mr Thick and I, we are not germophobes. In fact, he has been known to pick up food (two-second rule) that Aidan has dropped onto the table and shove it into his kid’s mouth. And we let our kid roll and crawl around whenever the desire so strikes, even if we happen to be outdoors.

But when it comes to a newborn, we are very, very strict about sanitising our environment and selves. When Aidan was born, we kept a bottle of hand sanitiser in our diaper caddy so that we could have easy access to it whenever we change his diapers. We also washed our hands religiously and used Dettol wipes to clean the surfaces that baby may have contact with.

It sounds militant but after seeing my friend’s baby girl warded for a cold-turned-pneumonia in her third week, we were thankful to have been so diligent.

Thankfully with parenting experience behind us, we are now armed with an arsenal of hygiene products. A caddy containing brand new bottles of hand soap and moisturiser sits in our toilet, we have pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitiser stashed in the cupboards, and a full-sized bottle now sits in the diaper caddy – all ready for Two’s arrival.

The only thing lacking is something that could clean the surfaces in our house, and this is where I am so thankful for Our Lifestyle Shop. Su Lin, knowing that Two will be joining us soon, asked if I would like to review two bottles of B-Sanitized and I said YES!

In a nutshell, B-Sanitized offers protection against viral, bacterial fungal and mould contaminants. According to Su Lin, it’s easy peasy to use: simply place the canister in the middle of the room, use the Total Release Fogger method, leave the door closed and come back in two hours’ time to a fully disinfected and germ-free room.

Okay. Sounds easy enough.

The first room that I am going to try it on? Our bathroom. While I used to wipe down the surfaces and door handles with Dettol wipes previously, I haven’t been doing so recently (I know, gross). And then we will move on to the kitchen.

And since I am finally on maternity leave, I will have plenty of time to sanitise the house slowly, room by room. Watch this space as I try out this new product!

Win it!
Join Our Lifestyle Shop mailing list to win a B-Sanitized prize.

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Special offer for bubsicles readers
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I received the product for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

My pregnancy must-haves, circa 2014

Second time around, this body of mine is definitely feeling the strain of pregnancy a lot earlier. I suppose there are many reasons for this: the fact that I had a Caesarean birth (it’s a surgery, after all); I have to haul an 11kg toddler, who likes to say “Mama carry”, around; I’m OLDER and horribly sleep-deprived; I’m not half as fit as I was during my first pregnancy.

Gah. No wonder the older folks always say that it’s better to have kids when you are young. IT IS TRUE. GO FORTH AND PROCREATE NAO.

Anyway, to keep this machine of mine functioning, I have had to rely heavily on a few new things.


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