Things I want for Two

With Two being, well, a second child, you would think that I am very blasé about buying stuff for him/her. I mean, the baby would have everything that it needs and more. Theoretically, the only big-ticket items that we need to purchase is the second carseat. All other necessities would come from Aidan’s hand-me-downs.

And yet I find myself looking at baby items and longing to buy them. Never mind that I may already have something similar hosting mould in the storeroom. Never mind that they may be expensive and totally unnecessary. I just like them.

So I present to you: The List of Frivolous Things That My Second Child May Need.


The Shirts On Their Backs

Last weekend, I went through the girls’ wardrobes and set aside a huge bag of clothes to be gifted to our helper. The clothes would come in useful when her second granddaughter arrives.

I bought our future child’s first baby outfit in 2009 – more than a year before we conceived Coco in December 2010. I caved into buying a few more unisex pieces between then and the 20-week scan, after which I immediately celebrated by buying our first pink outfit even before I had left the hospital.

2 years on and 2 babies on, having dressed them in a variety of new clothes and a healthy dose of hand-me-downs, I have grown wiser about what makes for a good baby outfit and what doesn’t. There have been so many pieces that Coco had only worn once or twice, and I had set them aside for Claire, only to have Claire hardly wear them too. I thought I’d share some learnings from my experience with baby clothing, so that future parents – or folks who are thinking of buying clothes as gifts for little ones – will know what to look out for when shopping for these tiny outfits.

The Great Diaper Bag Review

I’m not a fan of changing handbags.

Not even with one of those spiffy bag organisers that you can just fish out of one handbag and stuff into another when you feel like a change.

I’m just too lazy. I tailor my outfits to match my current handbag – and not the other way around.

Which is why, any bag that I choose has to be in for the long run. This applies to diaper bags too.

Dannie and I have been in a happy relationship with our Fisher Price diaper bag since I received it as a birthday gift in 2011. The relationship is coming to two years now and despite our favourite bag looking a little tired and worn from all the outings and overseas trips that it has served us on, we’re not looking to ditch the poor fella just yet.

Wheels for the bubs

Uppababy Vista

Picking a stroller has to be the one thing that had Mr Thick all excited. He wasn’t too concerned about the steriliser, nor did he care much about the type of mattress our little man was going to sleep on.

But the stroller, ah, that was a different story.

Maybe it’s the whole chariot parallel. You know, men are chuffed when it comes to picking out a car and therefore, the same level of excitement goes into selecting a ride for the kid.

We went to many, many places to check out the different brands, based on the recommendations of friends. Some swear by Maclaren while others proclaim Combi to be the best.

“Peg Perego!” declared a friend of Mr Thick’s. “We have one and we love it.”

But somehow, none of the ones that we saw and played around with caught our eye.

There were a few things that I knew I wanted in the stroller: it has to be reversible (because I don’t like the idea of having a tiny baby into the seat facing out into the big bad world by himself), easy to manoeuvre, allows me to push with one hand, big basket, high seat, washable covers, large sunshade etc. But the main criteria that drove my purchase was growth.

5 space saving essentials

Just like most Singaporeans, we live in a flat that does not give us a lot of space to play around with. Also, erm, between the two of us, we seem to have accumulated quite a bit of junk in the house and there simply isn’t enough storage space.

When A came along, we were determined to keep everything as streamlined as possible, and to ensure that the house doesn’t look like it has eaten and regurgitated a toy store. While the latter has only been mildly successful (somebody’s toy kitchen is sitting next to the sofa now), I daresay we have been quite good at minimising the footprint of the kid’s things.

Here are five of our favourite buys.


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