Dealing with jaundice

Jaundice: a word that you will probably have heard being bandied around by friends who are parents but never quite understood. Until you become a parent yourself and are faced with the prospect of warding your itty bitty newborn in the hospital for it.

When Aidan was born, we were hit hard by jaundice. According to our paediatrician, this was because of blood type incompatibility between Aidan and I – we were both of different blood groups, which makes it pathological jaundice. Subsequently, because I was exclusively breastfeeding, breastmilk jaundice set in.

By then, the levels of bilirubin in Aidan’s bloodstream reached 19 units per ml and we had to ward him in the hospital for three extra nights so that he could be placed under the phototherapy lights 24/7.

And it was such a heartbreaking time. Imagine seeing your tiny newborn – your beautiful baby whom you are absolutely and madly in love with – thrashing about and crying on the phototherapy bed, clad only in a diaper and an eye mask. And while all you want to do is to scoop him up and cuddle him close, you know that there is nothing you can do to comfort him.

I burst into tears.

The new mummy cheat sheet

It’s hard being a new mother.

You are struggling with postpartum hormonal crashes, the sudden dramatic change to your life, breastfeeding (if you opt to do so) and learning to care for this screechy little creature who is so alien yet so endearing to you.

And when the baby wouldn’t stop crying or nursing or sleeping all of a sudden, it can be a hair-pulling experience.

So. Here it is – my cheat sheet to everything that a new mother should look out for when it comes to growth spurts and sleep regressions. Because I was there once, frantically googling “baby won’t stop crying nursing attached to boobs what the hell is going on here”.


Dealing with diarrhoea

I know, awesome title, isn’t it? We are all about being real here. 😉

As the title of the post suggests, things have been a little nuts in our household because the little fellow fell ill. In the dawn of Wednesday morning, he woke us up with a whole bunch of whining. Turns out that he was running a low-grade fever AND sporting a ginormous poopy diaper. The kid has never pooped in his sleep since those early infancy days so that was a real nasty surprise there.

The diarrhoea continued throughout the day and we had no clue where it came from. It was accompanied by the low-grade fever, and he was rather whiny.

Now, this was our first time dealing with baby diarrhoea, barring that occasional odd bowel movement here and there. Lucky us! Thankfully, this mama here did not panic. And gratefully, our paediatrician was kind enough to return my call and offer me some advice, all of which affirmed that what I had been doing to ease the symptoms was correct.

I thought I’d share with you all what we have been doing, in case you are ever faced with the stinkiest, wettest poopy diaper ever. Take note, though, that I was able to tell that it was nothing serious based on what I know of Mr A’s behaviour. He was still a happy chappy most of the time so I figured that this was classified as one of those things.

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