Travelling with kids: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Okay so this doesn’t quite qualify as travelling since technically, we did not leave the country. But we had such a blast that I thought I ought to share it. Travelling by bus and MRT, can?

So yes, back in December, I was pretty exhausted from work and I really wanted a break. Due to personal reasons, however, we ruled out going overseas and decided to have a family staycation. And as all family holidays go, our staycation revolved around our littles. What would be convenient for us? What would they like?

I chanced upon Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport’s Family Planespotting package and thought it was a fab idea. I mean, we practically live at the airport every other weekend. Seriously. The husband and I love watching planes take off and the little man loves taking the Sky Train. Plus, we get cheap parking and a myriad of food choices. Win!

We decided on a night’s stay over on New Year’s Eve as a mini celebration of our anniversary too (15 years and counting).

Travelling with kids – Montigo Resort, Batam

Travelling with kids – Montigo Resort, Batam

During my maternity leave, we planned to go on a family holiday since the husband would be on sabbatical and we could also celebrate our wedding anniversary. Initially, I considered going back to Krabi – which is one of our favourite getaways as a childfree couple – but decided not to because I wasn’t sure how Zac would fare on the plane.

In the end, swayed by a summer flash deal, we plonked our money on a 3D2N stay in Montigo Resorts in Batam.

Of course, things never go as planned in our household. The boys got sick and Zac was hospitalised one day before we were due to depart. GAH! Thankfully, the staff at Montigo Resorts were very accommodating and allowed us to postpone our trip, as long as we were able to show them proof of hospitalisation.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise – all of us enjoyed ourselves so much! The resort was family-friendly, beautiful and comfortable, and it was a truly rejuvenating break for us after all that we went through.


Travelling with children – Penang

I loved Naomi’s tips on travelling to Bintan with her kids that I decided I should document our trips too, for fellow travel bugs!


Last September, we decided to go for a little family holiday, partly to celebrate our wedding anniversary (our fifth!). And because Mr Thick and I are foodies, we decided to pop over to Penang for a quick holiday to check out its cuisine.

Initially, we toyed with the idea of leaving Aidan behind with my mum. But when we tried to have him stay over with Por Por one night while we headed out for some Formula One action, he was a blubbering mess. So that plan went out of the window and he came along with us.

Grand Plans

My husband decided to take the entire week off, pull Babydoll from school and do lots of lots of fun stuff during the March Term Break.

When he told me his grand plan, I had to do all I could to groan. Such enthusiasm, bless his heart. So I went along with it and got slowly psycho-ed into getting excited.

Funny how grand plans never unfold the way you plan them to (especially with kids!).

We got rained out, naptimes were impossibly delayed, tantrums were thrown, she kept asking for her teacher (this one really made us mad. What?? We’re not good enough for you, babydoll?), she had a tumble while we were staycationing and bawled the whole hotel lobby down…

But through all that, come moments like:

3298765437685435 Peekaboos before naptime


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