Feeling meh

Now that I have been back at work for more than a month – and school has started – I feel less like a super mum and more like a headless chook.

It’s really crazy how each and every single day flies by just like that. Every morning is a mad rush to go go go, especially on the days when we have to drop off the two boys at two different locations. I’m ever so grateful to my mother, then, for offering to come over to my place on the days that she watches Zac! Being able to leave home with just one kid and dropping him at the school located on campus has helped to cut down so much of the commuting time. Plus, I no longer have to battle maddening peak hour traffic to get us home safely! (You don’t want to be in my car when I am pissed off with traffic after a hard day’s work.)

At work, additional responsibilities mean that I’m stretched in every other way. I’m also pumping and it’s been tough trying to keep up to the schedule. Between lessons and preparation and meetings, I sometimes hardly have time to eat. BOO.

Once 6 o’clock hits, it’s another round of crazy rushing to pick up the boys. By this time, Aidan is usually STARVING and if we don’t get food into his system quickly enough, everything turns into a minefield. This means that I will have to spend additional time coaxing him out of his school uniform and getting him to eat his dinner, leaving Zac to entertain himself in the bouncer. When both boys are finally asleep, it’s 930pm and I finally get to drag my exhausted self into the shower.

Team Us

So. It’s been a little crazy around here. Not just the usual crazies but sick crazy.

That’s right. The boys came down with a bad case of bronchiolitis.

Aidan first picked up the bug when he was at school and subsequently passed it to Zac. As if one sick child was not enough to make our hearts wrench, hah. And seeing how Zac was only six weeks old at that time, both husband and I were rather heart pain at seeing him cough and hack away.

A few hundred dollars and a gazillion visits to the paediatrician later, Aidan is still coughing but getting better. Zac’s bronchiolitis relapsed again and we are now going through some tough nights. Poor bubba would go to sleep, only to wake up coughing till his face turns red. That means neither mama/papa nor baby gets to sleep.


Stepping up

I remember this particular conversation with the husband when I was pregnant. We were having a chat about where to place the baby crib and I said it’d be with us in our room, obviously. His reply: Huh? But what about my sleep? I need to work and if he wakes me up in the middle of the night, I’d be tired…?

I remember feeling mighty miffed. What?! I’m birthing your child and you’re concerned about YOUR lack of sleep?! Was I going to be alone in those late night feeds? I felt a little down (damn hormones!) and chatted to my girlfriends about this (love you guys!). They knowingly smiled and told me not to worry because “husband will transform like magic when baby arrives”. I found it hard to believe them because other than the comment above from said husband, he didn’t seem too concerned about getting stuff for the new arrival, etc. Pfffft.

Fast forward to one month later.

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