GIVEAWAY! Digital print from Poppetry


And who says that gift-giving ends on Christmas Day? Well, definitely not us at bubsicles! For starters, a beautiful illustrated digital “Mama & Baby Bear” print from Poppetry (worth ¬£30) could be yours.


The design wonder behind Poppetry is Maylene Seah, mum to the cutest little girl Amelia (I am always trying to matchmake her A to my A, hah!) and wife to V. I first got to know May through a friend on Instagram and I was always so impressed by May’s effortless style, quiet charm and beauty. When her Amelia came along, she started illustrating whimsical graphics for her daughter and I remember being so amazed by her artwork. She very sweetly offered to design something for us when Zac was born and it’s now hanging on the wall of the boys’ room.

Lucky for us, she decided to take the plunge to start Poppetry, an online shop stocked with ready-made and bespoke illustrations for little ones. Yay! I also asked her some questions about life as a mother so here are her insights.

Things I want for Two

With Two being, well, a second child, you would think that I am very blas√© about buying stuff for him/her. I mean, the baby would have everything that it needs and more. Theoretically, the only big-ticket items that we need to purchase is the second carseat. All other necessities would come from Aidan’s hand-me-downs.

And yet I find myself looking at baby items and longing to buy them. Never mind that I may already have something similar hosting mould in the storeroom. Never mind that they may be expensive and totally unnecessary. I just like them.

So I present to you: The List of Frivolous Things That My Second Child May Need.


5 space saving essentials

Just like most Singaporeans, we live in a flat that does not give us a lot of space to play around with. Also, erm, between the two of us, we seem to have accumulated quite a bit of junk in the house and there simply isn’t enough storage space.

When A came along, we were determined to keep everything as streamlined as possible, and to ensure that the house doesn’t look like it has eaten and regurgitated a toy store. While the latter has only been mildly successful (somebody’s toy kitchen is sitting next to the sofa now), I daresay we have been quite good at minimising the footprint of the kid’s things.

Here are five of our favourite buys.


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