We must be horrible parents!

(Edit: Kristine has delivered her baby boy, Dylan. A big grats to her and her family!)

See these two rascals here?

Over the weekend, they both literally went “BYE! Mommy, Daddy go home!“, waved us off and then turned and hightailed out of sight (one to grandma’s and one to doggy resort). Made me feel like chopped liver.

Sometimes I feel like we’re part-time parents. I really salute all you mommies and daddies who do this 24-7 with zero or very little help. By the time I get through the week, I’m exhausted and looking forward to some reprieve in terms of Babydoll heading over to Grandma’s for a stayover so I can catch up a little on sleep (and then I end up bombarding my parents-in-law with a barrage of text messages, asking about her). The “sad” thing is I don’t think she really miss us at all! Whereas, Babydoll will be asking about “Nai nai house?” by the middle of the week!

Are we doing something wrong here?

Animal Lover

My husband LOVES animals. Me not so much.

Both of us grew up without pets in the house. What amazes me is that he takes to all sorts of creatures (ok discounting insects/rats/mice/etc) and it’s adorable. Me? I get squimish around hamsters, guinea pigs are ok, I love bunnies and doggies and some cats. But their poop? Not so much. He, on the other hand, loves them wholeheartedly, poop and all.

I am SO happy that Sophie takes after her father in this aspect. She has no concept of fear when it comes to animals and she’s always wanting to go touch them. Rocky doesn’t know his luck yet!

Just the other day at dinner, we met this gorgeous Alaskan Malamute. Such a friendly, intelligent and gentle giant. Sophie went right up to him to pet him and wanted to follow him home! All through dinner she kept wanting to go see the pretty doggie and every time she would go up to him and squat/sit next to him.


I’m not sure if the love for animals is nature/nurture but I do see the benefits of growing up with one.


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