Launch of honestbee’s Family Market

I never shopped online for my grocery needs until the husband started travelling in his current job.

Typically, we would pack ourselves into the car and head for the supermarket on Sunday mornings. It’s become a routine for us, and we would always haul Mr 3 and Mr 5 with us. Never mind that we lose our tempers every 15 minutes (STOP POKING THE FRUIT! NO YOU DO NOT NEED A PLASTIC BAG! SIT ON THE TROLLEY PROPERLY! PUT THAT BACK, IT’S MADE OF GLASS! NO I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEIGH!).

And then the mister started flying off for at least three weeks for work. Some weekends, I would be too lazy/exhausted to get the boys out for a grocery run so I started ordering online. That was when I discovered honestbee.

When I first started ordering through them, their list of vendors was rather limited. But it had exactly what I needed – NTUC FairPrice! Their service is a little different from the other vendors. honestbee is actually a concierge shopping service whereby you order the items through their site and their shoppers will pick up the items for you from the shop. I always see their shoppers at our supermarket so I know that this part of the service is totally legit!

Plus, I can always specify a substitute if something I wanted was out of stock or get their shoppers give me a call while at the supermarket. I can also leave instructions of my requirements when it comes to the food items. The items are delivered to you (free when you spend $50) and you only pay after delivery. The concierge fee is $3.99 – reasonable when you consider that you have to pay for fuel and parking (and probably drinks and snacks!) when you head to the supermarket yourself.

Recently, honestbee launched its Family Market concept. It is a one-stop shop for all the curated needs that a parent might have. Think diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, rice, noodles etc. The prices are comparable to what I would pay at the supermarket (or even lower).

This service is perfect for those who are in need of a quick grocery run, who has no time to scroll through the website to go through the many products that are available. The delivery and concierge fees remain the same.

With yet another of the husband’s business trip coming up, I am very sure that I will be utilising the Family Market. Sigh, yes, solo parenting stint coming right up…

Disclaimer: I will be receiving shopping credits for this post but as always, my opinions are honest. I just like sharing a good thing when I see one!

Timbre @ Gillman – Super Social BBQ

Before the kids came along, we went out at night. A lot. Weekends were usually spent hanging with our friends: choir practices, arcade gaming (yes!), movies, pub-crawling. One of the places we used to go to was Timbre @ The Substation – how could we say no to awesome live music, good grub (ROAST DUCK PIZZA YUM YUM) and ice cold beer?

Me and the girlfriend at Timbre @ Substation waaaaaay back in...2007

Me and the girlfriend at Timbre @ Substation waaaaaay back in…2007

Then we had kids. Overnight (HUR HUR PUN), our nightlife disappeared. We were either putting the babies to bed or nursing (okay, I was nursing) or sitting zonked on the sofa or snoring in our beds. We were, and still are, exhausted. We stopped heading out to nightspots.

And then Timbre contacted me and told me about their Super Social BBQ. Huh, what’s that? you might ask. Well, GOOD NEWS FORMER NIGHT CRAWLERS, you can now have your cake and eat it too.

Essentially, Super Social BBQ is a weekend event at Timbre @ Gillman which is family-friendly. That’s right, you heard me. Kids-friendly. Child-friendly. Toddler-friendly. Everybody-friendly. Every month, Timbre @ Gillman runs a themed event on all Saturdays and Sundays that is especially catered to families, starting from 4pm.

Have you been to the Gillman outlet? Well, I hadn’t, until I received the invitation and I was super impressed. The restaurant retained its rustic, super chill vibe, which is cool, but what was even cooler was that gigantic backyard behind the eatery. During the weekends, the backyard turns into a play area for the kids – you can expect bouncy castles, wading pools and live BBQ.

When I was there, it was storming outside so we didn’t spend much time outdoors. Timbre had thoughtfully set up an activity station indoors, where kids could colour or get their faces painted or do some crafting. There was even a balloon sculptor onsite. My boys ended up putting together a carousel – in line with the Carnival theme for November – out of paper plate, paper cup, pipe cleaners and paper cutouts.

Other than providing fun activities, Timbre @ Gillman also put together a menu just for the kids. There are items such as bolognaise, chicken and pancakes, minute steak and cheese frites and fish & chips, all affordably priced below $15. We ordered the bolognaise with heart shape pasta ($10) for the littles to share and the portion was more than enough for them.

As for the adults? I was honestly pretty darned happy to be there. I could indulge in my roast duck pizza once again and wash it down with an chilled alcoholic ginger beer. There was a live band playing. It really made me nostalgic for those days when we could stay out till the wee hours without a care, swigging our beers and making merry.

In fact, I was feeling so sentimental, I decided to order me an earl grey martini (my first martini since FOREVER). It was so surprisingly good that I cheered up immediately.

The mark of a true family-friendly restaurant is in the happiness level of all members of the family. Did Timbre @ Gillman’s Super Social BBQ hit the mark? I will say YASSSSSS. My boisterous boys had fun participating in the activities and they especially loved the live band. They were gleefully dancing after shoving the pasta and pizza into their mouths. The man and I were thrilled to be out at a nightspot once again, eating the grub that we had loved.

We had so much fun that I started making plans with our friends and their kids to check it out again!

The Carnival edition of the Super Social BBQ will run till this weekend! For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I was invited to Timbre @ Gillman for dinner and given dining credits. However, all opinions are solely mine (and totally honest!) and no other monetary compensation was received.

TOTAL lifesaver

A little while ago…okay, a long while ago, I was given a few cleaning products by Our Lifestyle Shop. I looked through their instructions, gaped a little at how “high tech” they were and was intimidated enough to put them away.


Until last weekend.

I decided that it was time to put aside my fear and put the products to good use. And after using them, I was awed by just how well they worked. I was seriously like WOAH. But I am getting ahead of myself.

One of the products given to me was Total Solutions Gel Graffiti Remover. I put off using it because my walls are pretty free from graffiti so far – because I am so strict with my boys about using coloured markers/paints etc! I am nazi about it – I bark at them when their colouring strays from the paper. Which leaves my white walls pretty clean, thankfully.

But then I forgot about my cat. Emi, oddly enough, loves to rub her body against the corners of our walls, such that they have turned black with dirt. Urghs. I decided to see if the gel remover would work.


It works simply: spray, wait for no more than 30 seconds and then wipe using a clean cloth. So I did exactly that. Except I, err, took longer than 30 seconds because midway through, the four-year-old ran up to grab my camera and I was lunging at him.

When I finally wiped the area clean, this was what I got:


/insert shocked emoji/

The area was so, so, SO STARK WHITE, it blew my mind. Seriously. For a good five seconds, I stared at it and went WHHHHA….?

It was so powerful, it cut through the grime that has accumulated over the past seven years. That’s why the contrast is so great. I’ll admit that I got a little scared and decided to leave this be, and go on to try the next product: Total Solutions Capture.

It works like this: sprinkle the Capture powder onto a spillage and watch the powder absorb the liquid to turn into a gel that lets you sweep it away easily. Luckily for me, again, we don’t usually get massive spillage so I thought I’d run a little experiment instead.

I poured some milk (only SOME because the milk guzzlers were watching me keenly and I didn’t want to give them any ideas), tossed some Capture powder onto it and waited.


Lo and behold:

Once it had turned into this lumpy gel, the four-year-old helped me to sweep it into the dustpan and threw it out into the bin. I was overzealous in pouring out the powder because I was doubtful that it would work. But it did! Apparently, Capture can absorb up to 100 times its weight and it can neutralise odours too. Talk about being a heavyweight.

For day to day minor spills, I don’t think I would use the product since it’s quite pricey. But I can definitely see how this would help in cases where the spillage is huge/gross – like a pot of stew or five eggs or even, ewwww vomit – and especially when you need it cleaned fast.

Once my helper leaves and I am sans-helper to mop up spills, I am sure I will put this product to more uses. And maybe, just maybe, I will also muster the courage to use the Gel Graffiti Remover to finally restore the corners of my walls to their rightful shade of white!

Disclaimer: I was given the products for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own and I did not receive any monetary compensation.

Christmas deals at Our Lifestyle Shop!

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Christmas at east end

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