Keep those hands safe!


When Aidan was born, one of the first things that we bought for the nursery was actually a hand sanitiser.

I know, it’s not quite what you would imagine but we were pretty strict about our hygiene when it came to a newborn. We were adamant that nobody – and I mean NOBODY – should touch the bubs without first sanitising their hands and we also made sure to sanitise before and after every diaper change.

The product that we got was one of the generic brands that we had bought from the pharmacies. After a few days of heavy usage, I realised that my hands were paying the price for being clean! They were horribly dry, itched and I was getting heaps of hang nails. Plus, the smell of alcohol was really strong and pungent. But I didn’t have much of a choice, most of the sanitisers available in the market – and which were effective in killing bugs – were like that.

When Zac was born, we brought home the sanitiser that the hospital used (and charged us for). It was the same story: strong, harsh, smelt and was extremely drying on my hands. But we had to be very diligent with using the sanitiser, given that he was getting sick quite a fair bit. Again, my hands suffered.

A few months later, Su Lin from Our Lifestyle Shop dropped by with a pack of safeHands hand sanitisers. Try them, she said, they are great for mums with babies.

Safe Hands_2

safeHands and my trusty diaper caddy, which has lasted three years!

I was pretty skeptical. A sanitiser is a sanitiser is a sanitiser, right? Wrong, apparently.

I’ve been using safeHands for a few months now and I have to say, it’s different from most of the sanitisers that are on sale. For starters, safeHands doesn’t smell and is gentle on my hands. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is moisturising but it definitely doesn’t dry up my skin. It’s also touted to kill 99.99% of germs and is non-toxic to boot. It even comes in three different choices of scents: Cucumber Mint, Clean Linen and Unscented.

At $59.70 for a pack of three, it seems pretty pricey. But a little goes a long way and my bottle of safeHands looks pretty untouched even after months of use!

safeHands is available at Our Lifestyle Shop in a bundle pack of three 7oz bottles.

I was given a bundle pack of safeHands for review. However, all opinions are my own.

The great breast pump review (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Ah, breast pumps.

Working mums who breastfeed are familiar with these contraptions. We know them well, rely on them and yet loathe them at the same time (or at least, I do). But undeniably, these horn-shaped, loud and definitely unsexy machinery are absolutely necessary for mums who work and still desire to feed breast milk to their babies.

(You would think that some design genius would have turned it into something that looks a little better than this but NOOOOOO.)


Of course, pumping isn’t all that bad. I mean, just look at the entertainment that pumping can bring:

Anyway, between Yi Lin, Selene and myself, we have used quite a few sets of breast pumps. We all know that a breast pump is usually on the top of the shopping list of expectant women. And yet it can be a scary purchase, simply because of the variety of pumps available at different price points and the sheer cost.

So we have decided to do the work for you by putting together our collective experiences.

Presenting to you…The Great Breast Pump Review.

GIVEAWAY! KONK I HH Flying Insect Killer

GIVEAWAY! KONK I HH Flying Insect Killer


Feeling the blues after Christmas? Yeah, me too. I don’t know about you but Christmas is really one of my favourite times of the year. I guess it stems from the time when I joined the choir and December meant carolling with my friends. We loved carols and we have always loved carolling, and we had fun before, during and after the sessions. Beautiful memories of the life I used to lead before the kids came along.

Anyway, to cheer you up somewhat, we have a little giveaway here! As you know, Our Lifestyle Shop has been a sponsor of bubsicles for a while now, something that I am thankful for. The products that we have been given have come in handy and I especially love that the Automated KONK® I Flying Insect Killer is made of natural ingredients that I can use safely in the presence of my four kids (two humans and two felines).

I really wanted our readers to try out this product and I know that it is rather pricey for an insecticide (aren’t all natural products, meh). So I asked Su-Lin from Our Lifestyle Shop for help and she kindly offered two canisters of the KONK® I HH Flying Insects Killer (worth $42 each) for the giveaway. It works the same way as the automated version, except that it’s, err, handheld. Duh!


GIVEAWAY! Digital print from Poppetry


And who says that gift-giving ends on Christmas Day? Well, definitely not us at bubsicles! For starters, a beautiful illustrated digital “Mama & Baby Bear” print from Poppetry (worth £30) could be yours.


The design wonder behind Poppetry is Maylene Seah, mum to the cutest little girl Amelia (I am always trying to matchmake her A to my A, hah!) and wife to V. I first got to know May through a friend on Instagram and I was always so impressed by May’s effortless style, quiet charm and beauty. When her Amelia came along, she started illustrating whimsical graphics for her daughter and I remember being so amazed by her artwork. She very sweetly offered to design something for us when Zac was born and it’s now hanging on the wall of the boys’ room.

Lucky for us, she decided to take the plunge to start Poppetry, an online shop stocked with ready-made and bespoke illustrations for little ones. Yay! I also asked her some questions about life as a mother so here are her insights.

‘Tis the season to be sanitary


So we have been using cleaning and hygiene products from Our Lifestyle Shop for more than a year now. I have to say, I’m really happy with all that we have been given so far.

The Automated KONK Flying Insect Killer Starter Kit has been a mainstay in our living room so far, especially since we are surrounded by construction sites and the weather is turning wet, wet, wet. Meanwhile, we activated our B Sanitised when HFMD struck, using it to religiously clean Aidan’s toys.

For this holiday season, Our Lifestyle Shop is offering all bubsicles readers a free sample of a new, yet-unlaunched product, Drain Blast, with every purchase of the safeHands hand sanitizer bundle pack of 3.

Drain Blast is a Green product uses bacteria to eliminate blockages in commercial and residential drains. It’s all very cool and scientific: The bacteria eats away the scum layers, which attracts flies to breed and is food for cockroaches, found in drain pipes and floor grouts. By removing the scum layers, Drain Blast is also getting rid of nasty smells. All you need to do is to dissolve one Drain Blast tablet into the water used for mopping, mop the floor, and then pour the water into open floor drains.

When you quote “bubsicles” at checkout, you’ll be given two free tablets of Drain Blast. I’m definitely looking forward to my sample!


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