[Review] EA Detailer – keeping your car clean!

This is going to sound really gross but back when we were driving our first car – an old Honda Civic 1.8 whose horsepower I miss every other day! – we’d find cockroaches on a regular basis.


I know. We had itty bitty ones, mostly, and they were usually scuttling along the windows of our car. It was really disgusting and it was totally our fault. We ate and drank in the car, thinking that we were careful not to leave crumbs behind, and we allowed the kids to do so too. HAH!

When that car’s COE expired and we decided to purchase a new children-ferrying-machine, I made it a rule that there was to be NO FOOD ALLOWED in the new car. I refused to be taking cockroaches on a daily joyride. I just KANNOT.

So when Felix from EA Detailer contacted me late last year about trying out their car grooming services, I was supremely confident that they were not going to find anything as gross as cockroaches in our car. NO FOOD WHAT.

Erm, as it turns out, I was WRONG. Let me explain.

EA Detailer, unlike most car grooming companies that have the usual vacuuming, cleaning and conditioning, offers Cabin Interior Sanitization and Interior Anti Pest Fumigation. When you send your car in for grooming, be prepared to leave it there for at least half a day because the entire process could include:

  • Anti-Pest Biofumigation: a 30-minute procedure that wipes out bugs and their eggs (eeeeeeek)
  • In-depth Jet Vacuum
  • Wonderkleen Sanitization (Physical Sanitization): a wipe-and-spray procedure that kills bacteria
  • Koch Chemie Leather Star Protection
  • Koch Chemie Top Star: this is done to protect your dashboard
  • Carpet Jet Vacuum
  • ProMed Ozonic Treament: to sanitise the entire cabin, including the AC, to remove bacteria, any chemical residue, odour smell.

Doesn’t it sound like there’s a bunch of harmful, scary-sounding chemicals being used? No worries, I checked with Felix and he assured me, before I accepted the offer of a review, that the cleaners that they use are organic and child-friendly. They were also ISO-certified and medically certified by Singapore General Hospital to be effective. In addition, the Ozonic treatment will remove bacteria, chemical residue and odour, ensuring that your ride in the car cabin is clean and refreshing.

And it truly works! The husband sent the car in (and sent me photo text updates!) while I went to work and when he picked me up after, the car smelt rather lovely. And it lingered for a good one week or so, which made my daily ride pretty pleasant. The leather seats were also conditioned and were buttery soft.

What I was most impressed was that EA Detailer also took care to clean our boys’ car seats. As mentioned, they (used to) snack in their car seats and OH MY GOD IT WAS DISGUSTING. We’d find weeks-old cracker bits in the, well, crack of Zac’s car seat. So they removed the seats, flipped everything out, and helped us to steam vaporise and sanitise them. I was so pleased with that!

Oh, and the cockroaches? They actually found some baby ones! Urghs! They explained that sometimes, the cockroaches could have entered the car at dodgy cockroach-infested carparks. The presence of the critters meant that there were cockroach eggs SOMEWHERE. Yucks. Thank goodness for the bio-fumigation!

In addition to the interior cleaning, the guys at EA Detailer also spruced up the exterior of the car. The Glow process included:

  • Foam wash
  • Claying: this removes impurities that is on your car’s paintwork
  • Compound polish: putting in protection against minor scratches, water stains, and paint oxidisation using nano sealant
  • Tyres and rim shine
  • Engine bay cleaning

When the car rolled into my office compound, I was rather impressed. Our car was shiny and pretty, haha. The husband was really pleased with how his precious car was all spiffy again. He thought that the guys at EA Detailer were very thorough and meticulous, and he was happy that the disgusting car seats were fresh again.

Price wise, here is the breakdown of charges:

  • Normal sanitising of interior (one session): $209nett
    Trial session: $128nett
    Additional surcharge of $50 applies for MPV/SUV/Large Flagship Luxury Sedans.
  • Cleaning of car seats: $69 per seat
  • Glow Process: $209

We were very pleased with the service provided by EA Detailer and asked if they would be happy to let our readers try it at a discount. They said yes! Just mention that you heard about their services here to get the discount. Contact them via their web form or call them at 6100 0323.

1. 40% Off 3-Stage Interior at $108 (Usual Price $209)
-> Anti Pest Biofumigation
-> Anti Viral Sanitization (Covers Physical and Air environment including aircon system)
-> Leather Treatment
-> Dashboard Treatment
-> Indepth Vacuum
-> Anti Mold/Odour Smell Ozonic Treatment
(Duration: 4 hours)

40% Off 3-Stage Exterior at $128 (Usual Price $209)
-> 3 Steps Compounding
-> Machine Buffing
-> NanoSealant
-> Engine bay detailing
-> Detailing area on door shuts, boot shuts, bonnet edges and fuel cap
-> Rims polishing
-> Exhaust polishing
(Duration: 4 hours)

Take both Exterior and Interior Detailing at ONLY $198
(Duration : 4 to 6 hours)

(Additional surcharge of $50 applies for MPV/SUV/Large & Flagship Luxury Sedans)

Travelling with kids: Langkawi

During my September term break (which is a misnomer because I still had to report to work every day, it was just that I didn’t have to teach), I decided on a lark that we should go on a holiday.

Work had gotten in the way and I was so completely and utterly drained that I realised I needed a break. Plus, the haze was so, so awful, we were dying to see clear blue skies and breathe in clean air.

I’m really a beach girl at heart and I decided that I wanted to be by the sea. There’s just something soothing about the crashing sea waves and the glow of stars in the night sky. Being at the beach makes me feel at peace and contented. The husband thought it would be fun for us to check out a new beach in the region which was child-friendly and so Langkawi it was.

Langkawi 2015


Travelling with kids: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Okay so this doesn’t quite qualify as travelling since technically, we did not leave the country. But we had such a blast that I thought I ought to share it. Travelling by bus and MRT, can?

So yes, back in December, I was pretty exhausted from work and I really wanted a break. Due to personal reasons, however, we ruled out going overseas and decided to have a family staycation. And as all family holidays go, our staycation revolved around our littles. What would be convenient for us? What would they like?

I chanced upon Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport’s Family Planespotting package and thought it was a fab idea. I mean, we practically live at the airport every other weekend. Seriously. The husband and I love watching planes take off and the little man loves taking the Sky Train. Plus, we get cheap parking and a myriad of food choices. Win!

We decided on a night’s stay over on New Year’s Eve as a mini celebration of our anniversary too (15 years and counting).

Travelling with kids – Montigo Resort, Batam

Travelling with kids – Montigo Resort, Batam

During my maternity leave, we planned to go on a family holiday since the husband would be on sabbatical and we could also celebrate our wedding anniversary. Initially, I considered going back to Krabi – which is one of our favourite getaways as a childfree couple – but decided not to because I wasn’t sure how Zac would fare on the plane.

In the end, swayed by a summer flash deal, we plonked our money on a 3D2N stay in Montigo Resorts in Batam.

Of course, things never go as planned in our household. The boys got sick and Zac was hospitalised one day before we were due to depart. GAH! Thankfully, the staff at Montigo Resorts were very accommodating and allowed us to postpone our trip, as long as we were able to show them proof of hospitalisation.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise – all of us enjoyed ourselves so much! The resort was family-friendly, beautiful and comfortable, and it was a truly rejuvenating break for us after all that we went through.


Travelling With Kids: Keep Learning & Carry On

We just came back from our first family road trip in Japan and woah, was there much to learn about doing a self-drive with kids in tow! We have shared our noob parent learning points from this travel milestone on MaybeBaby, so do head over here if you’re preparing to go down this road (haha *snort*, pun fully intended).

We embarked on the trip confident that we were seasoned travellers – it wasn’t our first time travelling with both kids – and returned humbled by the realisation that every trip is an opportunity to learn how to be a better traveller – and a better parent.

So, how did the trip go? Let’s start with the things that went well:

  1. Choice of Destination

Other than the usual considerations like cost, safety, weather, availability of family-friendly accommodation and activities, etc. one of the more important factors we take into account when selecting a destination is the time zone. Japan is an hour ahead of Singapore, which means that we wouldn’t have to deal with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed babies in the wee hours of the morning (hang on, that sounds like the normal routine huh…) and return home with messed-up schedules a week later.

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