A mother-of-one (with another on the way). An educator, dreamer, and someone who never thought she could make a baby simply by the way nature intended for it to be.

Yi Lin
She scratched that wanderlust itch by travelling around the world with her husband before settling down to have babies. A full-time working mother to two little girls, who were conceived in petrie dishes and survived the harrowing journey up the uterus.

A full-time working mum to two boys, born 22 months apart. She remains sane and her sense of humour is still, amazingly, intact. Travelling on business is now a luxury because it means she can watch movies on the plane and sleep on a bed with nobody to kick her to that tiny sliver in that corner.

New mum who is surviving that awful, foggy, sleep-deprived haze one feed at a time. She’s an educator and an infertility warrior, who does not suffer fools gladly. She also finds it surreal that she is now a mother.